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As the decade of innovation continued, new and returning founders rolled into the second cohort. The focus on gaming and social messaging continued, as did a new spotlight on-demand education and training products, smartwatches, tablets and big data. And not to miss out on IoT, a connected beverage technology device was also launched.


Jason Citron


  • Jason returned to YouWeb in 2011/2012 to start Hammer & Chisel, which focused on a multi-player tabled game with a built in voice chat. 

  • In 2015, the company pivoted to a voice chat platform for gamers and rebranded as Discord. It is now one of the largest social chat apps in the world with over 400M users. Jason is currently the CEO at Discord. Peter Relan worked with him through 2020 to raise over $300 million to scale up the company.

YouWeb_headshots (1).png

Samip Bhasavar & Gaurav Chawla

Camellia Labs

  • Samip and Gaurav built Camellia Labs in 2015, a connected kitchen company.

  • They Co-founded Chime, the world’s first chai maker that fuses the traditional, hand-crafted process of making chai with product design and technology. Together they built this consumer hardware company from zero to one.


Rohit Kumar

Chapter Apps

  • Founded Chapter Apps in 2015, a digital learning and training platform for corporate learning. 

  • Chapter Apps has over 350,000 monthly learners across over 75 enterprise clients.


Jakob Wilkenson


  • Founded Awear in 2013, a company which developed apps for smartwatches, in order to solve the communication problem in the smartwatch market.  

  • Jakob is currently a General Manager at Unity a platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content.

  • Founded GotIt! in 2011 as the world's first Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) platform by connecting people inquiring about a specific topic with a professional/expert in that field. 

  • Hung focused on the education market as the Founder and President of GotIt! PhotoStudy, the first on-demand homework help and high dose tutoring product for students. 

  •  Helped spin out Got It AI an autonomous Contact Center AI company.

Hung Tran

Got It!


Uday Sandhar


  • Founded Onefold in 2011, an innovative new approach to visualizing cohort and funnel data using touch screens on a tablet. 

  • Onefold's plug and play DHQL platform for automated data extraction, transformation, querying and reporting allows users to obtain the deep analytical insights without the need to hire expensive data analysts. 



  • Founded Fit-any in 2012, a virtual shoe fitting device that finds the perfect 3D fit for your next pair of shoes by utilizing a sensor based shoe that accurately measures the foot.

  • Katya is now a Venture Partner at 808 Ventures, an early-stage investor.

Katya Stesin

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