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Get to know the founders from YouWeb's inaugural cohort - focused on social & mobile

gaming - and see where they are now! From successful acquisitions by companies

such as Google to Facebook, our founders and their projects have travelled

fascinating paths to get where they are today.

  • Co-founded Crowdstar in 2008, a mobile/ social gaming company which attracted tens of millions of users every month with several hit games.

  • Crowdstar was acquired by Glu Mobile which was then acquired by EA for $2.2 billion. 

  • Suren is currently the Founder & CEO of Epic!, a digital content and reading library for kids. Epic! was acquired by Byju's in 2021 for $500 million.

  • Jeffrey has co-found DNArt Inc., a mobile app developer that allows people to create music, even if they have no formal training


Suren Markosian & Jeffrey Tseng


Rohan Relan & Rajat Gupta


  • Founded AGAWI (Any Game Any Where Instantly) in 2010, the world's first platform for cloud-based game streaming on mobiles, tablets, and Smart TVs.

  • AGAWI was acquired by Google in 2015.

  • Rajat is a product leader at Amazon.

  • Rohan is now an investor and advisor with various startups. He has recently started a new venture called ScribbleVet.

  • Openfeint was launched in 2009 as the first developer software development kit (SDK) for mobile gaming - it came to be known as "Xbox Live for the iPhone" or "GameCenter before GameCenter". 

  • Openfeint was acquired by GREE, a Japanese gaming company, for $104 million.

  • Jason returned to YouWeb's cohort II to found Discord, where he currently serves as CEO.

  • Danielle went on to found Red Bird Studios.


Jason Citron & Danielle Cassley 

  • Pluto Media was founded in 2011 and created an award winning edutainment app designed to teach kids how to play the piano on an iPad. 

  • Pluto Media was acquired by ABC Learning.

  • Rohan is now an investor and advisor with various startups.

  • Luis is currently at Amazon Web Services working on their Augmented Reality experience.

Pluto Media


Luis Sampedro Diaz & Rohan Relan


Ben Savage


  • Spaceport (originally founded as Sibblingz in 2011) built a wildly popular Facebook application, and then pivoted to solve the hard problem of cross platform development of applications in HTML5.

  • After raising over $3M, Facebook acqhired Sibblingz in 2013. 

  • Ben is currently working at Meta as a software engineer at the intersection of ads and privacy.


Linus Liang

Make a Baby & Embrace

  • Linus got his start at YouWeb after launching a highly successful Facebook game called "Make a Baby", where friends could create and raise a digital child together. 

  • At YouWeb, Linus founded Embrace in 2008. Embrace Infant Warmers cost 1% of traditional incubators and work without a constant supply of energy. 

  • Linus is currently a Partner with Signia Venture Partners, an early stage venture capital firm. His investment focus is in Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI.


Samantha John


  • Samantha fell in love with programming during her senior year at Columbia. She started Hopscotch to introduce every kid to this skill. 

  • She has been in numerous 30 under 30 lists from the BBC to Business Insider to Elle Magazine. 

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