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Platforms and AI

YouWeb's third iteration shifted its model from an incubator to accelerator. The innovators in this cohort are pushing the limits on what is conventionally acceptable in all realms: payment services, AI, security platforms, and more.


Tom Siegel

Trust Lab

  • Founded Trust Lab in 2019, a company providing fraud protection for some of the most popular social media platforms.

  • Tom also founded Google's Trust and Safety Lab and developed it into an industry leader. 

  • Jacob spun Ideaflow out of MIT in 2015 based on work done with Tim Berners-Lee to extend the human mind into the computer. Their core product, a human-AI hybrid web platform allows analysts to connect siloed information banks, discover new information, and collaborate.

  • Ideaflow has so far raised $18 million over three funding round

Jacob Cole



Sam Shawkhi

  • Founded MagicCube in 2014, a device independent IoT security platform. It is the first fully functioning software replacement for traditional payment acceptance terminals; it's ready to go and is easily integrated into apps, with just one API.

  • Sam is currently the CEO at MagicCube and a board member on the PCI Security Standard Council. 


  • Co-founded Raive, a company that is developing foundation AI models to power the world’s multimedia content

  • Pablo is a lecturer at MIT, on the optics of nuclear science & engineering

Pablo Ducru


YouWeb_headshots (2).png
  • CEO at EigenLayer, a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new primitive in cryptoeconomic security, which enables the reuse of ETH on the consensus layer.

  • Sreeram was a professor at the University of Washington and Head of the UW Blockchain Lab

Sreeram Kannan


YouWeb_headshots (1).png
  • Rohit dropped out of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne in 2018 to start building Optivolt it the world's leading shade tolerant solar system.

  • He was listed on Forbes 30 under 30- Energy (2020) list and was awarded the Thiel Fellowship in 2019.

Rohit Kalyanpur



Michael Argast

  • Founded in2018, a provider of cybersecurity programs addressing the needs of small and mid-sized organizations. 

  • Michael is currently the CEO at and works with over 150 client teams with limited security staff but lots of innovation.


Rakesh Yadav


  • Rakesh is a former Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google where he led the development of machine learning platforms.

  • He created Jarvis ML in 2021 to help companies turn data into brand engagements


Vidya Narayan


  • Founded Rizzle in 2019, a video making and sharing app which enables episodic short (60-second) videos, making it the platform for user-generated, short vertical series.

  • Vidya is currently the CEO at Rizzle.

Our Investors

YouWeb III is funded by a network of investors who were executives and founders at other companies like Yahoo, Google, Oracle and Microsoft.

Bill Brougher.jpeg

Bill Brougher

Bill is a former leader at Google and Microsoft who specializes in scaling high growth products. He is also the Fund III manager for YouWeb Incubator. 


S. Somesegar

Soma is a Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group where he focuses on areas including Machine Learning & AI, VR & AR, next generation cloud infrastructure, and intelligent applications.


Praful Shah

Praful is a Cloud Business Executive with a background in business strategy, marketing, product marketing, and business development. He is the former CSO of  RingCentral Inc. 


Francoise Brougher

Francoise has more than 25 years of business and operations experience at companies including Google, Square and Pinterest. She now serves in a number of board and advisor roles. 


Joyo Wijaya

Joyo is an active angel investor and advisor. He currently works as the Chief Data Technologist at Got It AI. 

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